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STS Sensor Technologies from Sjovold in Singapore

STS sensor technologies provide high quality, reliable device that gauge;

- temperature,

-pressure and

- level in ships tanks.

These sensors have proven to be robust. STS and Sjovold also design, engineer, install and commission systems on ships to meet specific customer requirements. There are three Key Benefits of STS technology;

- Titanium body,

- Hart protocol programming and

- 0.1% accuracy.

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Sjovold Holdings Profile

Sjovold is a diverse engineering and environmental group providing a range of;
- Services,
- Products and
- Solutions
to the Shipping Industry and other sectors in the Asia region.

In the shipping industry sector we have been providing on board engineering repairs and maintenance since 2001. These have been provided from our base in Singapore including design, procurement, construction and compliance to appropriate standards.

In Singapore, Sojvold is the agent for :

range of transducers, pressure transmitters, level sensors, temperature measurement and dataloggers.

is the reseller, implementor and trainer for the range of software applications including:
- Captains Secretary
- Fleet Manager
- Gangway Security
- DP Log

Team Maritime Singapore
is a specialised engineering group providing installations, upgrades, training, ship coversions and support Autronica & Kongsberg equipment in Asia.

Epsilon Group
is a Naval Architect and Construction Management Group undertaking Design Engineering, Procurement, Constrution (EPC) Commissioning, Refits, Conversions, Commissining and Project Management.

Contact Sjovold in Singapore:

Mr. Arie Rajlal
Mobile: +65 9002 9182
Tel: +65 6280 1970
Skype: arierajlal

Sjovold Principal's Profile in Linkedin

Sjovold Holdings Pte Ltd,
5 Pillai Rd,
Singapore 535885

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